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Assistant Manager

Chief Everything Officer 🤣

Our Story.

For 35 years, we’ve been servicing private offices for solo-practitioners, small businesses, and large corporations that need a local presence in the Richmond market.

In 2023, Eric bought the company and reimagined everything. His goal was to create a modern, commute-worthy workplace that combines the warmth and friendliness of your favorite locally-owned coffee shop with the professional support you’d expect from a much larger organization.


Our Community.

We specialize in serving the unique needs of Professionals Attorneys, accountants, brokers, financial planners, and therapists for example. And Entrepreneurs — Small business owners and their teams.

Our Community

Our Why.

To help small business owners and their teams enjoy a better work life.

Our Why

The Workwise Way.

Do the Right Thing.
Climb the right mountain. Do what matters most. Treat everyone with respect.

Go the Extra Mile.
Give before you get. Do more than expected.

Communicate Effectively.
Open your mind. Listen with intent to understand. Be clear and constructively honest. 

Collaborate More.
Focus on what you do best. Find a partner to help you with the rest.  Build trusting relationships.

Beat Your Best.
Celebrate your success and then find a bigger mountain. Think differently.

• • •

We also don't believe in nickels, dimes, or bad profits. Our prices include everything we possibly can for no extra charge.